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Compression Couplings

IMCS Compression Couplings are designed to join pipe and tubing for pneumatic conveying systems. Easy to install, couplings are available in pipe and tube sizes 1/2" through 48". Couplings are available in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and galvanized steel construction. Gasket material options include black and white neoprene and silicone. All couplings are equipped with a static conductive grounding strip. Call for pricing if stainless steel, carbon steel or galvanized steel is needed.

The tubing and pipe Compression Coupling is designed for permanent installation in the joining of either plain end, threaded, grooved or a combination of any of these joints. The band type construction holds the entire surface of the joint in uniform compression. Couplings are made of heavy-gauge zinc-plated steel.

Gaskets furnished standard in red rubber or black neoprene. Gaskets also available in white neoprene and a variety of other materials at a slight extra charge.

Product Specifications

Detailed product information provides an accurate description of requirements, measurements, and functionality.

Model No.Tubing or Nom. Pipe (IPS) SizeO.D. Tubing PipeCoupling LengthNo. of BoltsSize of BoltsWeight Each (lbs.)List Price
40-0096-0631/2" Pipe.8402"25/16 x 1-1/4.5Call for Pricing
40-0096-0643/4" Pipe1.0502"25/16 x 1-1/4.7Call for Pricing
40-0096-0271" Tubing1.0002"25/16 x 1-1/41.6Call for Pricing
40-0096-0651" Pipe1.3154"21/2 x 1-3/41.6Call for Pricing
40-0096-0661-1/4" Tubing1.2504"21/2 x 1-3/41.9Call for Pricing
40-0096-0671-1/4" Pipe1.6604"21/2 x 1-3/41.8Call for Pricing
40-0096-0681-1/4" Pipe1.6606"31/2 x 1-3/43.0Call for Pricing
40-0096-0691-1/2" Tubing1.5004"21/2 x 1-3/42.0Call for Pricing
40-0096-0111-1/2" Tubing1.5006"31/2 x 1-3/42.9Call for Pricing
40-0096-0701-1/2" Pipe1.9004"21/2 x 1-3/42.0Call for Pricing
40-0096-0711-1/2" Pipe1.9006"31/2 x 1-3/43.1Call for Pricing
40-0096-0721-3/4" Tubing1.7504"21/2 x 1-3/42.1Call for Pricing
40-0096-0261-3/4" Tubing1.7506"31/2 x 1-3/43.0Call for Pricing
40-0096-0732" Tubing2.0004"21/2 x 1-3/42.1Call for Pricing
40-0096-0072" Tubing2.0006"31/2 x 1-3/43.1Call for Pricing
40-0096-0742" Pipe2.3754"21/2 x 1-3/42.2Call for Pricing
40-0096-0462" Pipe2.3756"31/2 x 1-3/43.5Call for Pricing
40-0096-0752" Pipe2.3758"41/2 x 1-3/44.7Call for Pricing
40-0096-0762-1/8" Tubing2.1254"21/2 x 1-3/42.1Call for Pricing
40-0096-0142-1/8" Tubing2.1256"31/2 x 1-3/43.2Call for Pricing
40-0096-0772-3/16" Tubing2.1874"21/2 x 1-3/42.2Call for Pricing
40-0096-0782-3/16" Tubing2.1876"31/2 x 1-3/43.3Call for Pricing
40-0096-0792-1/4" Tubing2.2504"21/2 x 1-3/42.2Call for Pricing
40-0096-0332-1/4" Tubing2.2506"31/2 x 1-3/43.3Call for Pricing
40-0096-0802-1/2" Tubing2.5004"21/2 x 1-3/42.6Call for Pricing
40-0096-0102-1/2" Tubing2.5006"31/2 x 1-3/43.4Call for Pricing
40-0096-0812-1/2" Pipe2.8754"21/2 x 1-3/42.4Call for Pricing
40-0096-0372-1/2" Pipe2.8756"31/2 x 1-3/43.7Call for Pricing
40-0096-0822-1/2" Pipe2.8758"41/2 x 1-3/45.0Call for Pricing
40-0096-0832-3/4" Tubing2.7506"31/2 x 1-3/43.6Call for Pricing
40-0096-0843" Tubing3.0004"25/8 x 23.2Call for Pricing
40-0096-0153" Tubing3.0006"35/8 x 24.5Call for Pricing
40-0096-0083" Tubing3.0008"45/8 x 25.9Call for Pricing
40-0096-0853" Pipe3.5004"25/8 x 23.4Call for Pricing
40-0096-0863" Pipe3.5006"35/8 x 25.1Call for Pricing
40-0096-0923" Pipe3.5008"45/8 x 26.6Call for Pricing
40-0096-0873-1/4" Tubing3.2504"25/8 x 23.5Call for Pricing
40-0096-0883-1/4" Tubing3.2506"35/8 x 25.0Call for Pricing
40-0096-0893-1/4" Tubing3.2508"45/8 x 26.5Call for Pricing
40-0096-0903-1/2" Tubing3.5004"25/8 x 23.4Call for Pricing
40-0096-0913-1/2" Tubing3.5006"35/8 x 25.1Call for Pricing
40-0096-0013-1/2" Tubing3.5008"45/8 x 26.6Call for Pricing
40-0096-0933-1/2" Pipe4.0004"25/8 x 23.7Call for Pricing
40-0096-0943-1/2" Pipe4.0006"35/8 x 25.3Call for Pricing
40-0096-0993-1/2" Pipe4.0008"45/8 x 27.2Call for Pricing
40-0096-0953-3/4" Tubing3.7506"35/8 x 25.6Call for Pricing
40-0096-0963-3/4" Tubing3.7508"45/8 x 27.4Call for Pricing
40-0096-0974" Tubing4.0004"25/8 x 23.7Call for Pricing
40-0096-0984" Tubing4.0006"35/8 x 25.3Call for Pricing
40-0096-0024" Tubing4.0008"45/8 x 27.2Call for Pricing
40-0096-1004" Pipe4.5004"25/8 x 23.8Call for Pricing
40-0096-1044" Pipe4.5006"35/8 x 25.5Call for Pricing
40-0096-0394" Pipe4.5008"45/8 x 27.7Call for Pricing
40-0096-1014-1/4" Tubing4.2506"35/8 x 25.5Call for Pricing
40-0096-1024-1/4" Tubing4.2508"45/8 x 27.0Call for Pricing
40-0096-1034-1/2" Tubing4.5004"25/8 x 2 3.8Call for Pricing
40-0096-0564-1/2" Tubing4.5006"35/8 x 25.5Call for Pricing
40-0096-0134-1/2" Tubing4.5008"45/8 x 27.7Call for Pricing
40-0096-1054-1/2" Pipe5.0004"25/8 x 24.2Call for Pricing
40-0096-1064-1/2" Pipe5.0006"35/8 x 26.2Call for Pricing
40-0096-1114-1/2" Pipe5.0008"45/8 x 28.1Call for Pricing
40-0096-1074-3/4" Tubing4.7506"35/8 x 26.5Call for Pricing
40-0096-1084-3/4" Tubing4.7508"45/8 x 28.6Call for Pricing
40-0096-1095" Tubing5.0004"25/8 x 24.2Call for Pricing
40-0096-1105" Tubing5.0006"35/8 x 26.2Call for Pricing
40-0096-0045" Tubing5.0008"45/8 x 28.1Call for Pricing
40-0096-1125" Pipe5.5634"25/8 x 24.6Call for Pricing
40-0096-1135" Pipe5.5636"35/8 x 26.8Call for Pricing
40-0096-1145" Pipe5.5638"45/8 x 28.8Call for Pricing
40-0096-1155-1/4" Tubing5.2506"35/8 x 26.6Call for Pricing
40-0096-1165-1/2" Tubing5.5006"35/8 x 26.8Call for Pricing
40-0096-1175-1/2" Tubing5.5008"45/8 x 29.0Call for Pricing
40-0096-1185-3/4" Tubing5.7506"35/8 x 27.8Call for Pricing
40-0096-1195-3/4" Tubing5.7508"45/8 x 29.2Call for Pricing
40-0096-1206" Tubing6.0004"25/8 x 24.7Call for Pricing
40-0096-1216" Tubing6.0006"35/8 x 27.0Call for Pricing
40-0096-0036" Tubing6.0008"45/8 x 29.4Call for Pricing
40-0096-0066" Tubing6.00010"55/8 x 211.8Call for Pricing
40-0096-1226" Pipe6.6254"25/8 x 25.3Call for Pricing
40-0096-1236" Pipe6.6256"35/8 x 27.8Call for Pricing
40-0096-1246" Pipe6.6258"45/8 x 210.4Call for Pricing
40-0096-1256" Pipe6.62510"55/8 x 214.3Call for Pricing
40-0096-1266-1/4" Tubing6.2506"35/8 x 27.3Call for Pricing
40-0096-0416-1/4" Tubing6.2508"45/8 x 210.0Call for Pricing
40-0096-1276-1/2" Tubing6.5006"35/8 x 27.5Call for Pricing
40-0096-1286-1/2" Tubing6.5008"45/8 x 210.4Call for Pricing
40-0096-1296-3/4" Tubing6.7506"35/8 x 27.7Call for Pricing
40-0096-1306-3/4" Tubing6.7508"45/8 x 210.8Call for Pricing
40-0096-1317" Tubing7.0006"35/8 x 27.9Call for Pricing
40-0096-0057" Tubing7.0008"45/8 x 210.8Call for Pricing
40-0096-1327" Tubing7.00010"55/8 x 213.7Call for Pricing
40-0096-1337-1/4" Tubing7.2506"35/8 x 28.3Call for Pricing
40-0096-1347-1/2" Tubing7.5006"35/8 x 28.5Call for Pricing
40-0096-1357-1/2" Tubing7.5008"45/8 x 211.3Call for Pricing
40-0096-1367-3/4" Tubing7.7506"35/8 x 28.9Call for Pricing
40-0096-1378" Tubing8.0006"23/4 x 311.0Call for Pricing
40-0096-1388" Tubing8.0008"33/4 x 314.3Call for Pricing
40-0096-1398" Tubing8.00010"43/4 x 318.0Call for Pricing
40-0096-1408" Tubing8.00012"53/4 x 322.0Call for Pricing
40-0096-1418" Pipe8.6256"23/4 x 311.5Call for Pricing
40-0096-1428" Pipe8.6258"33/4 x 314.6Call for Pricing
40-0096-1438" Pipe8.62510"43/4 x 318.8Call for Pricing
40-0096-1448" Pipe8.62512"53/4 x 323.0Call for Pricing
40-0096-1459" Tubing9.0008"33/4 x 315.9Call for Pricing
40-0096-1469" Tubing9.00010"43/4 x 319.9Call for Pricing
40-0096-14710" Tubing10.0008"33/4 x 317.5Call for Pricing
40-0096-06210" Tubing10.00010"43/4 x 321.8Call for Pricing
40-0096-14810" Tubing10.00012"53/4 x 326.1Call for Pricing
40-0096-14910" Pipe10.7508"33/4 x 316.4Call for Pricing
40-0096-15010" Pipe10.75010"43/4 x 320.3Call for Pricing
40-0096-15110" Pipe10.75012"53/4 x 325.2Call for Pricing
40-0096-15212" Tubing12.0008"33/4 x 320.4Call for Pricing
40-0096-15312" Tubing12.00010"43/4 x 325.5Call for Pricing
40-0096-15412" Tubing12.00012"53/4 x 330.2Call for Pricing
40-0096-15512" Pipe12.7508"33/4 x 318.7Call for Pricing
40-0096-15612" Pipe12.75010"43/4 x 323.3Call for Pricing
40-0096-15712" Pipe12.75012"53/4 x 328.1Call for Pricing
40-0096-15813" Tubing13.0008"33/4 x 321.8Call for Pricing
40-0096-15913" Tubing13.00010"43/4 x 326.8Call for Pricing
40-0096-16013" Tubing13.00012"53/4 x 332.6Call for Pricing