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Flexible Hose

IMCS offers four types of PVC material handling hoses to meet a wide variety of bulk conveying system requirements. Suitable for both vacuum and pneumatic conveying applications. Available sizes range from 1" through 8" I.D. 1) Economical food-grade PVC hose. 2) Static - PVC hose with static-dissipating ground wire 3) Extended performance urethane material transfer hose 4) A blend of urethane, PVC and rubber for severe service applications

Product Specifications

Detailed product information provides an accurate description of requirements, measurements, and functionality.

Model No.I.D. (inch)O.D. (inch)Working PressureVacuum RatingBend RadiusWeight (lbs./ft.)Standard CoilsStatic WireList Price
04-0046-0111.51.8150 psi29 inch HG3.2 inch0.31 50 ft.YesCall for Pricing
04-0046-00122.4340 psi29 inch HG3.2 inch0.4250 ft.YesCall for Pricing
04-0046-0062.53.0035 psi29 inch HG4.5 inch0.6550 ft.YesCall for Pricing
04-0046-00333.5835 psi29 inch HG6.5 inch0.8550 ft.YesCall for Pricing
04-0046-00244.6835 psi15 inch HG10.4 inch1.3050 ft.YesCall for Pricing
04-0046-00055.6530 psi10 inch HG21.0 inch1.5050 ft.YesCall for Pricing
04-0046-00966.7230 psi10 inch HG29.4 inch2.2025 ft.YesCall for Pricing
04-0046-00722.4340 psi29 inch HG3.2 inch0.4250 ft.NoCall for Pricing
04-0046-0042.53.0035 psi29 inch HG4.5 inch0.6550 ft.NoCall for Pricing
04-0046-00533.5835 psi29 inch HG6.5 inch0.8550 ft. NoCall for Pricing