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Portable Batch Mixers

IMCS Batch Mixers provide an efficient method of obtaining a homogeneous mix of most dry materials. Our mixers excel for industries including plastics, metals, food, and pharma. This proven line of mixers handle materials including pellets, flakes, granules, and powders, each mixed and ready to process. Various mix capacities are offered in addition to various loading/discharge capabilities. Accessories are also available to meet custom process needs. Batch mixers can be constructed from aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel or galvanized steel.


Standard Features

Heavy Duty Industrial Auger, 12 Gauge Construction (All Models Except 18-4000-000), Manual or Automatic Timers, NEMA 12 Controls, One Piece Welded Construction, 60° Hopper Section Slope, Slide Gate at Discharge, Sidewall View Window, Cover Adaption for Mounting, Vacuum Box with one 2" Outlet (Model 18-4000-000 only), Material Receiver Lid (All Models Except 18-4000-000), Painted IMCS Dark Gray (RAL 7016)

Safety Enclosures are available for all IMCS Equipment

Product Specifications

Detailed product information provides an accurate description of requirements, measurements, and functionality.

Model No.CF Cap.DiameterLoading HeightOverall HeightHopperHP MotorAugerPower RequirementsList Price
18-4000-000524"35"49"60°1/33"110V / 1 PHCall for Pricing
18-9000-0012048"60"70"60°26"480V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
18-9000-0023048"70"80"60°26"480V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
18-9000-0034548"85"95"60°36"480V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
18-9000-0046048"100"110"60°36"480V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
18-9000-0052048"60"70"60°26"240V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
18-9000-0063048"70"80"60°26"240V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
18-9000-0074548"85"95"60°36"240V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
18-9000-0086048"100"110"60°36"240V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
18-9300-0011048"50"65"60°29"480V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
18-9300-0021048"50"65"60°29"240V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
18-9600-0017562"115"127"60°7.512"480V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
18-9600-0029062"122"134"60°7.512"480V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
18-9600-00312062"140"152"60°7.512"480V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
18-9600-0047562"115"127"60°7.512"240V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
18-9600-0059062"122"134"60°7.512"240V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
18-9600-00612062"140"152"60°7.512"240V / 3 PHCall for Pricing