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The IMCS Supermix is a high volume, low-cost batch mixer designed to give a homogeneous mix of most dry materials in a short mix time. The supermix can be charged by an auger, blower, vacuum system or bottom feed chute. The supermix can discharge by auger, vacuum, blower or gravity discharge into a container with the use of extended legs. The supermix can be constructed from aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel or galvanized steel.

Standard Features

Heavy Gauge FDA Approved Galvanized Coated Steel Body, Plated and Painted Components, 6" - 9" - or 12" Heavy Duty Vertical Mixing Auger, Top Mounted Service Entry, Bottom Discharge with Slide Gate, Heavy Duty Industrial Bearing Top and Bottom, Heavy Duty TEFC Belt Drive Motors, Service Ladder, Non-Enclosed Service Ladder, On Site Installation by IMCS Crews (if required)

Safety Enclosures are available for all IMCS Equipment

Product Specifications

Detailed product information provides an accurate description of requirements, measurements, and functionality.

Model No.Usable Cu. Ft.Capacity (lbs)Body DiameterHopper InclinePower RequirementsList Price
42-5000-0001083,80072"60°480V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
42-5001-0001826,37072"60°480V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
42-5002-0002588,96072"60°480V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
42-5007-00140214,070108"45°480V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
42-5007-00240214,070108"45°240V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
42-5008-00157219,600108"45°480V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
42-5008-00257219,600108"45°240V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
42-5009-00171519,600108"45°480V / 3 PHCall for Pricing
42-5009-00271525,025108"45°240V / 3 PHCall for Pricing