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Surge/Day Bins

IMCS stationary material Storage Bins are ideal for storing both raw materials and finished product. Bins are designed in a variety of standard and custom shapes and are available in various sizes to maximize and conserve handling time, space and energy. We also offer a complete line of components and accessories to complement your specific in-plant needs. Construction materials include galvanized steel, carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Specialty Agitator Bins are designed to enable difficult to flow materials (conducive to bridging and rat-holing) to be efficiently moved.

Standard Features

Covers: 1/3 Hinged Access and 2/3 Bolt on / Weld on, Material Receiver Cut Out In Cover, 15" Standard Clearance Beneath Discharge Flange, Discharge Flange to Accept- (Slide Gate, Iris Valve, Vacuum Distribution Box, Butterfly Valve, & Auger Discharge), Painted IMCS Dark Gray (RAL 7016) on Exterior Surface Only, 4" Diameter View Window, & Foot Pads

Safety Enclosures are available for all IMCS Equipment

*Overall height does not include the height of the Lift Lugs, which add 2.5 inches

Product Specifications

Detailed product information provides an accurate description of requirements, measurements, and functionality.

Model No.O.A.H.FootprintCF Cap.HopperList Price
35-5401-00057" *48" x 48"3060°Call for Pricing
35-5402-00079" *48" x 48"6060°Call for Pricing
35-5403-000102" *48" x 48"9060°Call for Pricing
35-5431-00051" *48" x 48"3045°Call for Pricing
35-5432-00073" *48" x 48"6045°Call for Pricing
35-5433-00096" *48" x 48"9045°Call for Pricing
35-5501-00057" *60" x 60"3060°Call for Pricing
35-5502-00072" *60" x 60"6060°Call for Pricing
35-5503-00086" *60" x 60"9060°Call for Pricing
35-5504-00098" *60" x 60"11560°Call for Pricing
35-5505-000112" *60" x 60"14560°Call for Pricing
35-5531-00048" *60" x 60"3045°Call for Pricing
35-5532-00063" *60" x 60"6045°Call for Pricing
35-5533-00077" *60" x 60"9045°Call for Pricing
35-5534-00089" *60" x 60"11545°Call for Pricing
35-5535-000103" *60" x 60"14545°Call for Pricing
35-5601-000144" *72" x 72"30060°Call for Pricing
35-5631-000133" *72" x 72"30045°Call for Pricing